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Let's go deeper into guitar/music education.

Hello to all of you reading this latest post to my website blog.
Well summer seems to be winding down. With a bang and a hurricane I might add! Wow! Which leads me to pontificate prodigiously! LOL!!!!
Ok! so what is this blog about? Well it's about you or your budding guitar player/student. You know the one that needs to practice more but somehow manages to learn to play the guitar anyway. Hummm!
For sometime now I've had this thought in my mind. It goes like this. 'I want my students to go deeper in their guitarist/musician instruction' and I choice to teach more throughly and in dept as a guitar instructor/coach.

It's pool time!

Hey everybody,
Summer is just about here and it's time to go to the pool..!
Here's a quick idea. Take your old acoustic to the pool and practice your strumming
on the breaks! Just having your guitar with you will keep your head in "learn guitar
mode" and will help you to beat the guitar "summer time blues"
Well keep picking and I'll see you at your next lesson..

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Let's go deeper into guitar/music education.
It's pool time!


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