Mr. Al's Guitar Lessons - A School of Music and Harmony
Thereare alot of  very fine Guitar Teachers around No. Va. Some of them work in stores or travel to the students home. So  why drive over to my teaching studio to take a lesson?. The answer is simple. First the level of instruction is very high. Second  I run  a multi-media teaching lab that is comprable or in many ways better than the music labs in Fairfax county schools.   Also, most of the guitar class rooms  in stores only have two chairs and a music stand. [ students who own a music stand practice 30% longer] If that's true of a music stand can you  visulize how it  would be to take lessons in a studio that has Drum machines, Youtube, Cd-rom, DVD, Guitar synth, Roland's top of the line looper[loop=layering of sound] ,multi sound effects, microphones and  lots of different guitars to play.  We can even slow the guitar parts down to make learning music quicker.  Also I help students put togather thier own home studio space. By the way there are chairs and a music stand with a light on it in my studeo as well! This is why students have so much fun studying guitar with me.
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