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Sitting on my back porch.      
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Jamming outside..With my huge pedal board!
My wife likes this one alot! 
See also likes me alot!
I lived in Roanoke, Va until I was twelve, and started playing music when I was 7.  I began with piano to flute, then saxophone to bassoon, eventually guitar became my primary instrument. 
At the age of 12, I took up guitar seriously.  Later, studied music and guitar at V.C.U. I Have toured with local and regional acts.  Jammed many times with Carter Beauford and others.  I have also played and perform as a solo performer .  I have scored for both film and live performances.  As a result I have become a quite a versatile player. 
My range in playing is everything from ROCK, CLASSICAL, JAZZ, R&B, and FUNK to POP music.  I can now teach you how to play the afore mentioned, after countless hours of studying and practice.  And I also have the privilege and honor to get paid for what I do best..... TEACHING!
What I enjoy most, is to WITNESS the excitement as a NEW guitar student plays his or her first melody, that they know so well.  Or to WATCH a frustrated student, make that break through they had always hoped for is a real high for me.  I care deeply about my students achievement and I am a PASSIONATE and DEDICATED teacher and mentor.
                                                                                   ---   Al Robertson  ---
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